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  • Gemma Stacey

๐ŸŽถ 5 reasons why music lessons are beneficial ๐ŸŽถ

1. Improves our memory, both cognitive and muscle memories.

Both the left & right sides of the brain are always working super hard when playing a musical instrument. It's no surprise that our memory would improve as that process unfolds. Different patterns of brain development are stimulated when we participate in music which enhances our learning ability. This is why learning music from an early age is a fantastic idea.

2. Relieves stress and anxiety and has an overall calming effect.

Music effects our emotions in a unique way. It could make us joyous, heartbroken or simply enrich whatever emotion we may be currently feeling. Music can help us keep calm, itโ€™s been proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure. This decreases the stress hormone cortisol, therefore making us feel relaxed. While just listening to music does help, research has shown that learning to play a musical instrument brings with it a certain comfort and daily repetition helps keep stress away.

3. Makes you intelligent and improves learning in all subjects.

Substantial research now shows that people who took music lessons when they were children were generally more intelligent and did better all round in academic subjects compared to their peers. This is closely connected to the way music benefits our memory.

4. Builds self confidence and develops a sense of achievement.

When muscle memory begins to set in and we become more at ease with our instruments, we begin to fulfil our ambitions. Playing our first chord, scale or song is where it all starts and more confidence comes as more knowledge and understanding are gained.

5. Fun! Playing music stimulates our brain and makes us happy.

So simple really! Music allows us to express the deepest parts of us and broadens our minds and boosts our spirits. It's is a great tool for connecting with other people to tell our stories. Ultimately, we have the ability to create joy, share it and heal ourselves at the same. Totally awesome!

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