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  • Gemma Stacey

Be inspired, it's never too late to learn an instrument!

Would you love to learn an instrument but feel that maybe you're too old? No way! Adults and children can both benefit equally from learning music, age is no barrier to such a universal experience. The main advantage adults have over younger learners are transferable skills, muscle memory already built up and set in.

Be brave and take the leap you've always wanted to! I have students who are now retired around 70 years old who have finally begun playing an instrument after working hard and raising a family their whole lives. What an accomplishment! I have students in their mid 20's who wanted to learn an instrument in high school but couldn't afford to pay for lessons at the time. What a sense of achievement to finally have the opportunity to learn something just for you.

One of the best things about being a musician is being able to share your talent. This is a great ambition to set for yourself. I have students in their mid 50's who have always wanted to sing songs around the camp fire with mates. To be able to jam and feel relaxed because you know heaps of chords instead of just a handful will give you a lot more confidence. I have students in their 30's who are writing their own music and understanding song structure. All the time we are progressing, learning more and putting those teachings into practice.

My adults students really notice their improvement and so do their loved ones and others watching on as they perform. One of my adult singing students got an unexpected compliment from her choir master as he had noticed that maybe she was having private lessons, and he was right! One of the best things about being a music teacher is being able to share my knowledge and guide the creative expression of another person. I will always love my job!

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