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  • Gemma Stacey

What musical instrument would you or your child Love to Learn how to play?

Many factors may be at play here, what an exciting question though! What instrument can you afford? Do you want to learn for pleasure or are you wanting to join a band? Will it be easy to learn? If you can, avoid asking too many questions and simply allow your heart make this decision. If there is an instrument that you're really excited about, then try it!

Our voice is our sound and is an instrument unto itself. We need to keep our vocal cords well exercised and toned just like any other muscles in our bodies. Regular scales and warm up exercises are essential to extend and strengthen your vocal dynamic range so that you can gain the skills to sing anything you wish. Guitars and ukuleles are a popular choice and so much fun! Always great for around the camp fire, they sound awesome and are very affordable. Pop them into a bag or case, they are easy to carry to your next gig or take with you on your round the world trip. If you want to play the piano your ears will love you, such a peaceful and grounding sound! They can be expensive to buy and transport but digital pianos are a fantastic option. Most are now designed with weighted keys so they feel just like a real piano to play. Drums are the ultimate instrument for me! Also not cheap, they take up a fair bit of space and can be loud if you're playing an acoustic kit. With electric drum kits you can connect headphones so that only the drummer hears the sound. This will keep neighbours and siblings happy! I absolutely love playing the drums, they sound amazing and it's so fulfilling to be able to utilise all of our limbs and head in amazing musical synchronicity.

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