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  • Gemma Stacey

What's the ideal age to start music lessons for your child?

For me as a music teacher, this is a popular question from parents wishing to give their children some form of musical education. Essentially, the answer is whenever your child shows a desire to want to learn more. My students go from 4 years old all the way up to 71 years old. So, it's never too early or too late to start! There are now many studies worldwide to support that music is beneficial for us in so many ways. Especially in the development of a child's brain and health in general. I personally feel that music is absolutely vital for us to experience throughout our lives. Playing it, listening to it, dancing to it, creating it! We can express and process our feelings using music as an outlet.

Music is felt first. Pay attention to the way your child reacts to music, all kinds of music. They may start dancing and moving, then smiling as they start to sing along, clapping, feeling the groove! You as a parent can nourish your child's sense of well being through music lessons with a super passionate teacher, like me! There is always progression through learning music, building confidence and ultimately achieving goaIs like playing your first chord or song. I started playing piano and singing at 9 years, singing in a choir and solo at weddings at 11 years, self taught guitar at 18 years, playing live on the singer/songwriter gig scene in London at 19 years, self taught drums and sound engineering at 29 years and self taught ukulele at 42 years. I still need to improve my bass guitar playing!

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