Meet Ameliah... Student of the month! 

Ameliah is 9yrs old and loves playing "Count on me" by Bruno Mars. She has a natural talent for keeping to tempo and has great impact on the keys, also able to play 3 Major scales. I love the feeling of being able to share my talents and experience to help adults & kids feel confident and shine in their lives.

Hi I'm Gemma Stacey, singer/songwriter and teacher of the musical arts. I have been exploring the depths of what music has to offer for over 25 years and would love to share what I have learnt with you and your children. For bookings and more information please call 0416 354822.


Featuring double insulated angled walls, bass traps and a diffusor for an optimum learning and recording experience.




Mon-Sat  7:30am-7:30pm



0416 354 822

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