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Teaching to the individual    

Gemma aims to teach her students what they want to know whilst maintaining a creative learning experience. From the basics of scales, harmonies & mic techniques through to collaborating with other musicians and artists to perform live and produce EP's and albums. 

Gemma tailors lessons to first gain an understanding of any past learning experience and current skill levels to then move forward with confidence and set realistic goals for the future. Confidence can be a challenging issue when performing and studying music at any age. Competition can be fierce and many modern studies are now showing that musicians and artists are possibly 3 times more likely to go through mental health issues. Learning how to sing and play instruments broadens our minds as well as our spirits in expressing our emotions throughout life. 


Whether you are just beginning your journey into music or you are in need of a refresher course, try Hidden Gem Studio. Lessons in person and online!

 "I've really enjoyed learning guitar & am so stoked with what I can do now vs when I first started! You've been a great teacher,  very patient & encouraging."  Claire.

Meet Thomas! Another superstar student @ Hidden Gem Studio!

Here we are in the groove with ACDC's "Highway to Hell"