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Want to record a song but have no space or equipment? Get it done at Hidden Gem Studio.

Record a song for your loved one. Record a demo for your solo act or band. Record your poetry, podcast or audio book.

Hidden Gem Studio is here for all of your audio recording needs. I'm available as a session musician to record guitar, piano, drums, vocals, ukulele and bass. Come to my amazing studio featuring double insulated angled walls, bass traps and a diffusor for an optimum recording experience. This can also be done remotely by emailing me your MP3 tracks which I can import into my software. I'll mix and master your song adding compression, EQ and reverb etc to your own personal preferences.

A sound proofed space, reliable equipment and smooth running software are vital when recording audio. I only use quality instruments, microphones, mixer and software in my professionally built studio. Message me for a full equipment list including gorgeous acoustic & electric guitars and a Vintage Pearl drum kit.

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