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Gem aims to teach her students what they want to know whilst maintaining a creative learning experience. From basic beats, scales and simple chord progressions through to collaborating with other musicians to perform live with the school band or even produce EP's and albums. 

From complete beginners to more advanced students, Gem tailors lessons to first gain an understanding of any past learning experience and current skill levels to then move forward with confidence and set realistic goals for the future. Maybe you're looking for a passionate music teacher for your child? You could be an adult wanting to get back into music. Learning how to sing and play instruments broadens our minds as well as our spirits in expressing our emotions. Music really is the ultimate healing tool for life.


Whether you are just beginning your journey into music or you a refresher course, try Hidden Gem Studio. Lessons using Zoom or Skype!

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What's in my Guitar starter course? 



1. Getting to know your guitar

2. Tuning your guitar

3. How to play chords A D & E or Am G & C

4. How to play 2 songs

5. What is a capo and what is it used for?


Guitar Chord Chart

Fretboard Diagram

Capo Transposition Chart

2 song sheets

Buy a Guitar Course! Only $49.00.


Send me a message from my Home or About Page. Tell me which course you want and I'll reply with an invoice. Once payment has been verified you will be emailed all course material. You will also be notified if and when updated videos and PDFs are available. All feedback is welcome.

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